Driving fast and furious from Berlin

It’s a long road to Berlin. And strangely enough it’s the same length coming back.

For most of the time there’s not much too look at. Except trees. Germany has a lot trees, which alway surprises me. For some reason I just don’t see Germany as a haven for trees, but it is.

But when they’re not planting trees,  the Germans are planting windmills. Hundreds of them.

This video was taken after recording the new album, Raw Love, a duo project with my long-time partner in music, George Leitenberger.

I take this opportune moment to casually remind you that it will be released later this year.

Teasers of the 14 speakeasy songs in English and German, soaked in moonshine, poetry and vibe, alongside lots of cool photos, draft cover notes, sketches and original artwork are found just one click away: here.

Enjoy the video: talking small bird blues

(Lyrics are from Watt Nichol’s classic the Wee Bird, released first on the 1969 album Watt a Night; on the XTRA label.)


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