Help support Roddy and George’s brilliant new album “RAW LOVE” — the crowdfunding has begun

As I’m sure you might already know, along with my musical partner, George Leitenberger, we have just recorded a fab new album called RAW LOVE.

This is a bare-boned but fabulous sounding album.

We are now running a crowdfunding to finance the pressing of the CD and printing its booklet, including full lyrics and original artwork.

To make this a success, we need your support.

So please visit our CD RAW LOVE “wemakeit” crowdfunding homepage using this link:

So what is this all about?

Well, this is a back-to-roots set of songs recorded over 5 days offering 14 speakeasy songs in English and German  — yes, German, cause George is German — all of which is soaked in moonshine, poetry, vibe, edge and heartbeat.

Along with the vimeo cowdfunding video (see below), this will tell you everything you need to know … and give you a giggle too.

And you can listen to teasers of all 14 songs using the link on our wemakeit page.

I’d  really appreciate you stopping by and giving generous support to the crowdfunding, which will be handsomely recompensed by unimaginably fine and original Rewards.

And we’d be MEGA grateful if could help make this crowdfunding summer snowball roll even bigger by SHARING the link, with a simple forward click onto all your social networks.

Many thanks, and please help spread the word by sharing this link:


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