… this if the official website of roddy mckinnon

new album

album release in 2018

George Leitenberger & Roddy McKinnon


14 speakeasy songs in English and German soaked with moonshine, poetry and vibe

“a duo-fantastic”


artwork: marcel laliberté

… every word is a note


 photo: peter baumeister 2018

… everything is built from silence

… building on the acoustic traditions of blues, country blues, folk and his native scotland, roddy combines a fragile vocal style and lyrical certainty …


photo: peter baumeister 2018

… the universal denies difference

… hooked to guitar and mandolin, he crafts a modern revisiting of songwriting and storytelling


photo: george leitenberger  2016

… it’s the wood, stupid

… roddy plays vintage american-built (guitars and mandolin) and more modern clyde-built instruments (mandolin)


photo: peter baumeister 2018

… time is relative and so is tempo

… in addition to solo work, he performs as part of a duo in a storytelling head to head with german singer-songwriter, george leitenberger




photo: george leitenberger 2016