… this if the official web site of roddy mckinnon, singer songwriter

every word is a hidden note and the spoken phrase  music


without silence there is no music

… building on the acoustic traditions of blues, country blues, folk and his native scotland, roddy combines a fragile vocal style and lyrical certainty, with emotion left free-rein and existence laid bare, sometimes as darkly as the 9 of diamonds


the universal denies difference

… hooked to guitar and mandolin, he crafts a modern revisiting of songwriting and storytelling – an economy of words and accompanyment touch the universal and the personal, the intemporal and the contemporary, the authentic and the natural, the 6 and half a dozen


it’s the wood, stupid

… roddy plays vintage american-built (guitars and mandolin) and more modern clyde-built instruments (mandolin)


time is relative and so is rhythm

… in addition to solo work, he is part of the geneva-based band, grand hotel désorienté, and performs as part of the duo, the blue bohemians, which sees him collaborate in a storytelling head to head with german singer-songwriter, george leitenberger

imagephotos: g. leitenberger 2016  ©