Roddy McKinnon

A singular approach to songwriting and performance in the mold of contemporary, fresh, alternative folk.

Shaping influences encompass the acoustic traditions and storytelling of European folk, folk blues, Texas country, and Americana.

But there’s more to it than that.

2020 saw a new solo album, Lucky and Damned.

We live double lives. The album’s 15 tracks trace the double existence and the choices that shape our journey. For good, or for less good …

Lucky and Damned follows the acclaimed 2018 duo album with George Leitenberger, Raw Love, which was nominated for the 2018 German Music Critics Award.


Raw Love pushes vintage guitar sounds to the fore, while the songs lilt to the varied influences of the blues, Berlin cabaret, punk as well as Americana and the best of the songwriting folk tradition.

“A unique musical experience” Märkische Oderzeitung 03.12.18

“Art folk” Deutschlandfunk Kultur radio 26.11.18

Love, betrayal, the precariousness of existence, optimism in the face of heartbreak, the unhinged climate and environmental degradation, the family, …. these are some of the themes traced through Raw Love.