A life long gone in Kugelbahn Berlin

Berlin is like time travel. How many places can you still smoke in cellar bars while watching a rockin’band?

And the next morning, red-eyed … and the lingering smell of stale cigarette smoke … I thought those days were long gone.

Nearly, but not quite, … not quite yet. The days of bars like Kugelbahn in the Wedding quarter of Berlin … with its very own single lane bowling alley in the basement … no kidding … are counted.

For our history book, this  is where myself and George Leitenberger held our launch party for Raw Love.

Literally just round the historic corner from where the Berlin wall came down, we were joined on stage by Klaus Eichberger, Clarissa Mo, Sebastian Pietsch, Manfred Maurenbrecher and the one and only Andreas Albrecht.

Thanks to all for a great night.

Here are some poorly lit basement-bar images of us hanging out before the show, with an alternative vocal mix of World of Thieves as the backing track, as featured on Raw Love

George Leitenberger  guitar and bax






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