Modern post man


Art for art sake?

Maybe, sometimes.


Modern post man © 1999

Hidden in the heart of a one-time modern post man
Lies the postmodern art of pre post modern man’s son
Unwritten reams of irony never meant to be read
Never lost in the post, author presumed to be dead
Self-penned cryptic messages sent to the crypt with himself
Sent post haste when less haste and more speed would have done more instead
To ease the post man’s shoulder cold shoulder, the silent pain speaks for itself
Not grudging a life trudging the road by himself

Buried deep in the grave of an erstwhile modern post man
Lies the ghostly modern art of a pre post modern man’s son
A snapshot built shakily upon deconstructed reality
In finality his finality was the end of his reality
He wanted it to end without a single word being said
A tale ex post in sum of silence before death
A post modern irony, a humour knowledge harmony
An artist without face, anonymity

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