Dystopian 20:20 vision


Follow the link to a dystopian poem for these increasingly dystopian times, with the words set to one unresolved chord

It’s not the coughing that carries you off
But the coffin they carry you off in
It’s not the cleaner who polishes all doors
But the cleaner all doors are polished
It’s not the fever that does for you
But the fevered way that you do it
It’s not life that lives for you
But life is the way that you live it

It’s not the distance between me and you
But the distance that’s come between us
It’s not the space of metres square
But the spaces left in our social circle
It’s not time alone in a precious care home
But precious time spent caring
It’s not for others that your saved life counts
But the counted saved lives of others

It’s not by starting early that we’ll be finished first
But an early start might first see us finished
It’s not the unhappy old that trump the young
But old trump is neither young nor happy
It’s 20 20 I’ve a vision of the past
It’s a vision of unmasked freedom
As we look to a future dictated by apps
Life is the way that you live it
Life is the way that you live it
Life is the way that you live


roddy mckinnon ©️ 2020

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